• There isn’t an ANL store in my State, how can I send a package?

Register an account on our website, this will allow you print a free UPS label to have packages sent to our New York hub, the packages then get sorted and shipped to China. Currently, available to USA customers only (will be developed for Canadians in the future).


  • Does ANL offer pickup service?

If you are in New York and your location is within 5 miles of an ANL store and your packages are over 100 pounds, ANL can arrange free pick-up. For other areas, contact your local branch for more details.


  • How can I open my own ANL store?

Send an email to inquiry@anlexpress.com. Include your contact info, experience, and locations you are interested in. A manager will contact you shortly.


  • I want to send 30 packages to the same recipient, what service should I use?

We recommend using our commercial service which includes all duty/tariffs.


  • How many pounds can the REGULAR & EXPRESS service send in each pkg ?

For clothing, lingerie, gloves, hat, stockings, shoes, mother & baby products, vitamins, and other low-value items, REGULAR service is able to send out up to 25 lbs per pkg (more if single item) and EXPRESS service is able to send out up to 14 lbs per pkg.


  • What items are not permitted for mailing?

Prohibited items for REGULAR service: lithium battery, meat, cheese, eggs, flammables, dangerous goods, & etc.

Prohibited items for EXPRESS service: lithium battery, liquids, sea cucumber, cordyceps, bird’s nest , perfumes, lighters, meat, cheese , eggs, flammables, dangerous goods, & etc.


  • Can I send sea cucumber, ginseng, and bird’s nest?

We recommend using REGULAR service to mail these items.


  • Can I send clothes and cosmetics in the same package?

For REGULAR service is fine, but not for EXPRESS service.


  • Where is the region that EXPRESS service cannot mail pkgs to?

We do not offer EXPRESS service for pkgs destined for Fujian and Jiangsu.


  • How long does it take to send milk powder to China?

For REGULAR service, approximately 3-4 weeks.

For EXPRESS service, approximately 2 weeks.

For COMMERCIAL service, approximately 2 weeks.


  • I sent two packages at the same time, why did one arrive and not the other?

Even though the packages are sent at the same time, sometimes they are  placed on  different flights. So the clearance date can vary, and the delivery time may be different.


  • Why has my package not arrived yet?

Because China Customs clearance time is not completely stable, if the delay time is from a week to 10 days, it is within the normal range.


  • Why is my tracking number not working?

Because some tracking numbers are the default ones, if your package’s tracking number has not worked yet, that means the clearance is not completed.


  • Is insurance coverage available for my package?

Yes, ANL provides loss package insurance coverage only, the maximum insured amount is $2,000.00 usd/cad (compensation reimbursement will not cover items missing/broken/misdeclared). ANL offers free $100 insurance coverage on each package. Additional coverage may be purchased at a cost of 1.5 – 5.0% for the coverage desired.


  • My package was charged duty/tariff and the receiver needs to pay, what should I do?

For REGULAR service, ANL will help you deal with the matter.

For EXPRESS service, according to different categories, ANL may reimburse you or help cover the amount from RMB ¥100.00 to $1,000.00 when your package is charged duty/tariff. Kindly submit a claim form on our website or store.


  • Can I send my old phone to China?

Yes, it is the same price as sending a new phone.


  • What does ANL charge for sending a package to China?

Each region has different rates, we recommend you contact your local ANL branch for more details. The branch contact info is listed on the home page (click on the ANL icons on map).


  • Can I send my personal luggage to China?

Yes. For specialty items like cars, wine, & cigars (need to contact a local branch manager).


  • Does ANL provide any other global services besides China?

Yes, besides offering EMS service in China, ANL collaborates with UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT & other carriers to cover a wider network.


  • How long does it take for a compensation to get approved after I submit the application?

Visit the “File a Claim” page. You can kindly call 212-947-3219 or submit your claim on our website or e-mail your claim application to anlclaim@gmail.com. A customer service representative will assist you.


  • If items lost are not listed on my air waybill, can I claim it?

Sorry, under such circumstances any goods not declared shall not be eligible for compensation! We recommend customers to list items accurately on all air waybills.