AMERICAN NEW LINE EXPRESS CORPORATION (ANL) provides Express Parcel Delivery Services, which include:

  • Asia Express:        4-7 business days
  • Asia Economy:      2-3 weeks

Procedures for Package Delivery:

  1. The shipper shall make sure the package is well prepared and packed.
  2. Weigh the package and fill out Waybill with details.
  3. Attach the Waybill with the package. A copy of the Waybill shall be kept by the shipper.
  4. Pay the total transportation charges.
  5. Upon the shipper’s request, Customs Duty Charges and insurance payment could also be paid in advance.
  6. Ask ANL about package pick-up service.
  7. The package is transported by ANL and shipped to destination indicated on the Waybill.
  8. The End of Delivery Service is completed by ANL once the consignee receives the package and accepts with their signature.