1. How much does ANL’s shipping cost?

Dear customer, prices depend on the category and weight of your package. Please click here to register an account (http://webship.anlexpress.com/register_select_country.php), you can see the detailed price chart for shipping in the page of creating a shipment after login.

  1. How do I pay?

Dear customer, ANL online shipping service currently accepts credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, Wechat Pay, & Alipay.

  1. What if I claimed the wrong weight or category for my shipment online?

Dear customer, please weigh your package and fill in the weight online. ANL will weigh every package that arrives in our warehouse and will charge the adjusted shipping fee accordingly. In the case of claiming the wrong category of packages or exceeding maximum quantity allowed per package, ANL reserves the rights to repackage, adjust category and shipping fees.

  1. How fast is ANL’s shipping?

Dear customer, packages take 5-9 business days to arrive for our E-express service. National holidays, bad weather condition and other factors will affect delivery time. Please contact ANL live chat on our website.

  1. Where do I go to ship my items? How can I ship with no ANL stores near me?

Dear customer, there are 50 ANL partnership stores and agent stores in North America, please ask our customer service on Wechat or Livechat. View shipping guide (http://www.anlexpress.com/shipping-guide/). You can choose to ship online or offline. ANL provide free Fedex drop off service for transfer shipping. No matter which state you are located in (excluding Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico), just create your shipment online, drop off at any Fedex store or leave your package to your doorman and ask Fedex to pick up, your package will be delivered first to ANL warehouse and then to China.

  1. How much do you charge for a package of mixed category of items?

Dear customer, milk powder and luxury goods can only be shipped separately on their own. Except these 2 categories, we still do not recommend to ship mixed category of items because of potential custom clearing issues. Please contact ANL customer service for special needs of shipping mixed items, WeChat: ANLsales

  1. Is there any requirement about filling in the airway bill?

Dear customer, all ANL airway bills must be filled in by Chinese. Please fill in the real full names of the recipient. Please do not use nicknames such as Mr. X and Ms. X.  We require an 11-digit working Chinese cell phone number. Packages with wrong recipient information will risk being delayed or even being rejected by custom and being returned as a result.

You must claim the contents, quantity and value of your package correctly and truthfully. ANL will not be responsible for any duties or loss incurred due to false declaration. Shipping milk powder requires the recipient’s 18-digit ID number. ID number is not required for other category.

  1. Is there any restriction of shipping milk powder?

Dear customer, the milk powder line requires that within each package: The total weight of Stage 1 and Stage 2 cannot exceed 1600 grams, total weight of Stage 3 and above cannot exceed 3300 grams. Different stages of milk powder cannot be mixed in shipping. Senders must provide recipients’ real names and correct ID numbers. ID number is not required for other category.

  1. Can I ship iPhone, computer or other electronics?

Dear customer, ANL can ship iPhone, computer and other similar electronics. However, we charge differently from other items. Please contact our customer service at 516-424-4644 for detailed pricing or contact our WeChat customer service at “ANLsales”

  1. Are there any restricted items for shipping?

Dear customer, ANL cannot ship any restricted items by Chinese customs. Please see http://www.anlexpress.com/banned-shipping-products/ for details.

  1. Does shipping to China require paying duties?

Dear customer, ANL packages are delivered by China Post in China. If your package incurs duty, ANL will assist with duties. On the rare occasion that the recipient receives a duty notice text message from Chinese custom, please contact our WeChat customer service at “ANLsales”

  1. Does my package have insurance?

Dear customer, ANL gives each package free insurance (3 times the shipping fee, maximum compensation is $100). You can also purchase additional insurance with maximum coverage up to $2,000 usd.

  1. Does my package have a tracking number?  How do I track my package?

Dear customer, all of ANL’s packages have tracking numbers. You can go to our website’s tracking page and type in the tracking number or you can contact our customer service by WeChat “ANLsales”

  1. How do you deal with lost packages? How do I get compensated?

Dear customer, in 2016, the percentage of lost packages in ANL was 0.012%. It is extremely rare for ANL to have lost packages. If you lose your package, please contact our customer service right away on WeChat:  “ANLsales”

  1. I received my package and it is damaged. How do I get compensated?

Dear customer, please contact Wechat support:  ANLsales

* Email dave@anlexpress.com if the matter is not resolved within 3 weeks.

  1. I want to ship within the U.S.A, Do you offer such service?

Dear customer, ANL currently provide national shipping in our stores using Fedex and UPS. Please contact our customer service on WeChat account “ANLsales”, or go to stores for details.

  1. I want to ship to areas outside Mainland China. Do you offer such service?

Dear customer, shipping to outside Mainland China, including to Hong Kong and Macau, is available only in our stores currently. We use DHL service. Please contact our customer service on our WeChat account “ANLsales”, or go to stores for details.

  1. Can I ship large suitcases or oversized items to China?

Dear customer, ANL stores offer luggage and oversized item shipping. Please contact our customer service on our WeChat account “ANLsales”, or go to stores for details.

  1. I am not happy with the customer service. How do I file a complaint?

Dear customer, ANL is always working on improving our service quality. If you have any complaints and suggestions, please email dave@anlexpress.com