Service Guide & Terms

All ANL Services are followed by American New Line Express Service Guide, in which the definitions and terms are shown as below:

Air Waybill (AWB): refers to a receipt issued by ANL for goods and an evidence of the contract of carriage

Articles Acceptable for Transportation:  any items permitted to be transported by Air and by Road.  Any items that are permitted inbound into Customs of the designated country.

Claim:  the claim may be considered if the claimant notifies ANL’s office within the applicable time limit (180 days from shipment departure). A claim may be submitted for review if a shipment has not been delivered within 90 days after it was given to ANL. Within 60 days after notification to ANL, the relative documents and information for the claimed package must be made in writing, which shall include the original air waybill, the receipts of the articles, and the claimant’s signed written claims.

Consignee:  the person to whom the shipment is to be delivered to whether by land, sea or air.

Customs Duty: When the shipment is inbound into the Customs of destination/country and customs duty is required, the recipient is primarily responsible for the Duty Charge.  For shipments to China, upon the shipper’s request the Duty Charge could be paid by the shipper in the USA or Canada and transferred by ANL to the “Duty Charge Processing Department of China.”

Dimensional Weight (Volumetric Weight): Dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying length by width by height of each package (in inches) and divided by 139 for international shipment (divided by 166 for domestic shipment). If dimensional weight is greater than actual weight, the transportation charges shall be assessed according to dimensional weight.

Due Diligence:  It is the responsibility of the customer to research on what items/goods may be permitted and documents needed (if required by Customs) to enter the country of destination (i.e. Hong Kong requires shipments containing Ginseng to have approved export document, Mainland China requires approved export document on all automobile parts).

Insurance: ANL does not provide all-risk insurance.  However, if some shipments’ declared value is higher than $100.00, the shipper may pay an additional charge (Insurance Payment) for maximum coverage of $2,000 usd or cad per package. The insurance rate is 2-5% depending on the Insured Value.  Insurance offered by ANL only covers package loss and not goods damaged in transit.

Packaging: The shipper is primarily responsible for the packing of the package for safe transportation with ordinary care in handling in an express-transportation environment.  Any articles susceptible to damages as a result of conditions that may be encountered in transportation, such as changes in temperature or atmospheric pressure, must be adequately protected by proper packaging. This is especially true if you are shipping milk powder or fragile items. We recommend the use of strong corrugated boxes and bubble wrap!

Prohibited items: Any items/goods considered dangerous, hazardous, toxic, or harmful to either an individual or the society within that country. Cannabis & drug paraphernalia are not permitted. Many air carriers prohibit weapons, flammable, or combustible items/goods. In example: lighters, aerosol sprays, meat, eggs, Ophiocordyceps, & etc…

Reimbursement: the reimbursement may be considered to the shipper if the shipper’s claim is filed on time and the provided documents are well supported. For loss of non-insured package and seriously damaged package (insured or non-insured), the policy is $9.07 per pound or $19.95 per kilogram up to $100 usd/cad compensation. The highest reimbursement by ANL shall not exceed $100.00 usd/cad for non-insured packages. For loss of insured package, the total Insurance Value of the package could be claimed.  The reimbursement of total Insurance value may be considered if the claimant proves that the package’s actual value is in accord with the insurance value.

Shipment: All packages which are tendered to and accepted by ANL on a single Air Waybill.

Shipper: The customer and/or its principals who send their shipment(s) with ANL based on the agreements signed with ANL.

Tariff: A tariff is a tax on imports or exports (an international trade tariff).

Transportation Charges: The shipper shall pay the total transportation charges (fuel charges included) when dropping off a package at location.  The total transportation charges do not include Customs Duty charge, governmental fines, or any other fees incurred by the package.

Weight (Actual Weight): The weight of each package is weighed in a unit of “lb” with an integer.  For example: using ANL’s China service, a package of 1.2 lbs will be charged a transportation fee of 2.0 lbs. Using other carriers, a package of 1.01 lbs will be charged the next higher lb which is 2.0 lbs.

Warranty: ANL makes no warranties whether expressed or implied…

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