When Covid-19 emerged insidiously and ravaged the country, ANL did not falter but rather chose to remain open. ANL made a decision to continue providing delivery service to our customers and also assisted with sending many PPE to areas hard hit by Covid.

In April of 2020, Elmhurst, New York was the most hard struck area with many hospitals at full capacity and the neighborhood in disarray. It is at this moment that ANL rose up to meet the daunting challenge of delivering food and meals to the elderly and home stricken. ANL volunteered to assist God’s Love We Deliver with much needed deliveries to Elmhurst, Flushing, and Corona; all neighborhoods in Queens, New York.

Here is one driver’s story: “COVID impeded many things but it should NOT hinder our progress to do charity. During COVID in April, I and others volunteered to deliver meals to the most hard hit epidemic in Elmhurst, Queens. Fear rippled through my spine as I entered the cooperative buildings. I could smell DEATH stalking through the hallways. Fear inundated all my senses and I cannot recall a time where such a feeling was more intense! I circumvented the elevators as a safety concern and stealthily ran up the stairs to the 7th floor to complete a delivery. Sweat trickled down my forehead and neck. My motivating factor was the sick and elderly person waiting for me, imprisoned in their apartment without food and nutrition. As I knocked apprehensively and the door opened. I immediately knew deep in my heart, the mission was worthwhile and essential…”