* Disclosure:
1) Drive a free Tesla is a limited time promotion based on a first come first serve basis, ANL reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time without notice. All applicants must meet the following criteria to qualify.
2) ANL is seeking individuals that either study or work in a University to drive a Tesla with ANL branded logos.

3) The individual /referrer is essentially a brand ambassador for ANL.
4) Promote ANL’s online shipping service by posting on social media such as Wechat, FB, & etc. (A referral registration code will be assigned to individual, this will allow the referrer to earn commission and credits towards driving a Free Tesla).
5) Each new user that registers and ships a parcel on will the earn the referrer 5 shipping credits ( each shipping credit is worth $1 shipping on, the referrer may choose to exchange 100 shipping credits for $50 usd).
6) 1,500 shipping credits is needed to qualify to drive a free TESLA for 2 months. Each additional 1 free month will require 500 shipping credits.
7) We currently have a 2018 Model 3 Long Range available. Other Model Y or Model S may be leased by ANL and offered. Each Tesla is on loan to the qualifying applicant and must be returned to ANL in the same condition received at the  end of the term as stipulated.
8) Applicant agrees to drive Tesla with care and maintain its good condition and appearance. Must obey all traffic laws and requirements of that State. Applicant is responsible for any tolls, summons/tickets, and/or moving violations, while also subject to having TESLA surrendered to ANL and agreement terminated.
    9) Applicant shall pay $150 per month for the vehicle insurance. A $500 deductible is required and applicant agrees to use this in the event of an accident (this may be refunded at the end of term if there are no accidents or damage to the Tesla).
    10) Applicant must NOT allow others to drive the Tesla, must only be driven in that State approved, send a live video to verify pristine condition when requested by ANL. NOT to be used for DOORDASH, UBER, AMAZON, or similar tasks. Strictly no ride shares, deliveries, or job oriented tasks. TESLA is for personal commute and pleasure…