ANL Online Shipping Price and Service Updates in May 2018

Dear ANL Customers:

Thank you for your consistent support for our online shipping service!

In order to bring more benefits to our customers, ANL will make a series of changes and introduce more services and promotions.

Because many customers need to ship small packages weighing between 1lb-2lb, ANL decides to reduce prices for 1lb-2lb packages by $2-$3.

Additionally, due to custom policy change, ANL will only subsidize 1500 RMB in duties for type D luxury line packages. There are no changes for other type of packages. Prices for type F will be completely adjusted.

Also, many customers send us the feedback that it is very inconvenient to measure their packages and shipping packages together will incur additional FEDEX dimension weight charges.

In order to bring more convenience to our online shipping service, ANL decides to make any additional dimension weight charge less than 10 lb FREE so most of our customers will not be affected by dimension weight charge anymore. Also customers do not need to measure and type in any package dimensions anymore so the entire shipping process is much more streamlined.

Friendly reminder: please do NOT use FEDEX Store’s packing service. FEDEX charges high pricing for this service. It only costs a couple of dollars to get shipping boxes at Walmart, U-Haul, Home Depot etc.

During the graduation season, in order to help graduating students ship important items back home faster and easier;

ANL will introduce the Luggage Line.

We charge $5/lb for the luggage line service and the weight is limited between 20lb – 50lb. ANL will take care of the trouble of claiming the package to the custom. Just ship online and wait for your package to arrive at home.

Meanwhile, ANL will change “minimum $35 FEDEX shipping policy” to “FEDEX shipping is free when the total shipping fees for the inside packages cost more than $50 (free insurance included). When the total shipping fees are less than $50, we will charge a $9.99 national shipping fee. “

This change will not affect customers who need to ship multiple packages but will bring more flexibility for customers who only need to ship one package.

You can put packages that ship to different people into one FEDEX box. If you only have a few items to ship, it is very easy to reach the $50 minimum when you combine your shipping with your friend.

Some customers say it is difficult to find suitable small boxes to ship, please scan the QR code below to get in touch with our WeChat customer service for help.

ANL looks forward to more feedback and suggestions from our customers in the future, thank you!

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We will introduce more and more promotions and benefits in the year of 2018. Please stay tuned!