American New Line Express welcomes you to partner with us

American New Line Express established in 2002 with 15 years of history. We are the most experienced shipping company handling service shipping from U.S to China.

American New Line Express had 15 years of history which had also been the history of the US-to-China shipping industry. There were fluctuations in the industry, we managed to provide excellent reliable service for Chinese people in North America.

On October 11th in 2016, American New Line Express become the China Post Express exclusive partner and signed a strategic collaboration agreement to develop China-U.S e-commerce logistic market.

With the help of China Post Express, our service can provide our customers with stable and reliable shipping service across boarders.

American New Line Express has almost 50 partner stores and agent stores in the U.S. And there will be more stores open in the future. We are expecting 100 stores by the end of 2018.

This year, we are planning to set up new partner stores in locations below:

Phillidophia, Boston, Delaware, Chicago, Maryland, Washington D.C, Michigan, Texas


If you are interested in joining ANL to open a partner store, Please contact:
ANL CMO:Vincent Bu